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LIFE ON MOTO – our life together on a motorcycle

LIFE ON MOTO is a motorcycle travel blog, it’s our place on the internet where we share our passion for traveling, exploring the world and learning about culture. What are our interests? In fact, everything that relates to motorcycle tourism in the widest sense. We write about our travels and adventures, about the equipment we take with us and testing, about our preparations for travel. We bring back from our travels thousands of photos, hundreds of videos and even more impressions, acquaintances and experiences. If you think you have an interesting product or service that fits the theme of the blog, we invite you to cooperate with us.

Please direct all queries to: [email protected]. We treat all proposals on an individual basis and are open to suggestions, although we would like to point out right away that all articles published on LIFE ON MOTO are our own. We do not and will never post advertising posts that we are not the authors of or products that we have never tested

Why should you work with us?

  • We are one of the largest blogs on such topics in Poland.
  • We have many ideas of our own, although we are always open to new ones.
  • Cooperation is supposed to be mutually beneficial, so we try, as much as possible, to adapt to your needs.
  • We always try to be unconventional and creative in our approach to our tasks.
  • Associated with us and our blog is, one of the largest in Poland, a newsgroup on FB, which is an excellent medium for communicating interesting news to a wide range of fans.
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