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Dolomites by motorcycle, the immortal Sella Ronda – Sella, Pordoi, Campologno and Gardena

In the heart of the Dolomites lies Mount Sella, like the fortress of the ancient Titans, distinguished from its brothers and sisters by its regular outline and vertical cliffs. It looks like a castle ruin or the remains of a city that remembers the past. Meanwhile, this “ruin” is over three thousand high, and the route around it is one of the most popular in the Dolomites. With changing panoramas like in a kaleidoscope, it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Including motorcyclists, what should not surprise anyone – views, cool roads, and turns – a fairy tale. Read our article “Dolomites by motorcycle, the immortal Sella Rondo – Sella, Pordoi, Campologno and Gardena”.

Sella Ronda in the Dolomites – by motorcycle through 4 mountain passes

Although Sella Ronda is the name for one of the most scenically fascinating ski carousels, riding there by motorcycle is equally exciting. It’s almost a cult route that runs across four mountain passes – the Sella Pass, the Pordoi Pass, the Campolongo Pass, and the Gardena Pass. Sella Ronda is about 60 km of motorcyclist pleasure, which we can extend by choosing a longer option similar to this route – “the eight”, we will write about it further. It is also worth stopping by the nearby Passo di Giau, about which we have already written here.

Dolomity motocyklem

Dolomites by motorcycle – Passo di Sella – Sellajoch

Perhaps the most famous of all the Dolomite passages. The most famous and most popular, mainly by Italian motorcyclists. Like the Passo di Giau, Sella is a meeting place for Ducati motorcycle owners. It is said that they can be confronted on sunny, weekend mornings. A good whiskey for the one, who wins with them. We have already spotted the Italian bikers who have destroyed many knee pads in the Dolomites.

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What is worth knowing about the Passo di Sella?

  • It connects Selva di Val Gardena to Canazei.
  • Altitude 2213 m above sea level, max. gradient 11.0%.
  • The route is 32 turns at 23 km.
  • The surface is very good, fresh asphalt, sometimes road works were still in progress.
  • It is part of the famous Grosse Dolomitenstrasse.
  • A very big disadvantage is a really big car traffic. On the route, you can also very often see buses.
Dolomity motocyklem

Dolomites by motorcycle – Passo Pordoi

The most twisted section in the Dolomites – a real challenge for any motorcycle rider, the Pordoi Pass. 65 turns on 22km – that speaks for itself! Unfortunately, together with its neighbor, Passo di Sella is also one of the most popular passages and it is almost impossible to cross it without irritation. Really a lot of cars, buses, etc. By the way, it is worth to take a chairlift to the very top of the P.S. – amazing views. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we had to let it go, and we regret that we did not plan this day differently.

What is worth knowing about Passo Pordoi?

  • It connects Canazei with Arabba.
  • Altitude 2239 m above sea level, max. gradient 9.2%.
  • The route consists of 65 spectacular turns over a distance of 22 km.
  • The surface is very good, sometimes it only loses its quality.
  • It is part of the famous Grosse Dolomitenstrasse.
  • Just like the Passo di Sella, get ready for the crowds!
Dolomity motocyklem

Dolomites by motorcycle – Passo Campologno

Of all four mountain passages, the Passo Campologno seems to be the least exciting. So much so that we have not even noticed that it is already behind us. To the stunning views of the Grosse Dolomitenstrasse can get used to over time, and the Campologno Pass itself is the lowest of the Dolomite pass. The route is nice, worth a ride, but it did not make such an impression on us, as all its predecessors.

Dolomites by motorcycle – Passo Gardena

At last but not least, the Gardena Pass. And although it doesn’t belong to Grosse Dolomitenstrasse, for us it’s TOP1 of all the big four Sellagruppe. It is worth not only have a stopover there but also to stay there for longer. Sitting, looking at the landscapes – just like that. Majestic white rocks and contrasting green meadows, a beautiful road, clean air – what more do you want?

Dolomity motocyklem

What is worth knowing about the Passo Gardena?

  • Connects Selva di Val to Corvara
  • Height 2137 m above sea level, max. gradient 11%.
  • The route consists of 31 turns per 21 km.
  • The surface is very good, sometimes it only loses its quality.

Dolomites on a motorcycle? Is it worth it?

We’ll say this – pack up, get your machines, backpacks, and asses into the Dolomites. This is a really great place, completely different from the high mountains of the Alps, completely different from Stelvio or Grossglockner, but equally delightful. The pass behind the pass, turn after turn, views we cannot describe and great roads. We have already written about it in Passo di Giau, that it is worth looking at the Alps from a different side, from this very side.

Dolomity motocyklem

A bunch of useful links at the end

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  • We have already written about Passo di Giau before, it’s really worth to look there. We think it is the most beautiful pass in the whole Dolomites. Description of the route, photos, and tips can be found here.

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