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Vignettes in Slovenia – what, where and how? Guide valid for 2023

Although it is possible to bypass one of the most expensive highways in Europe, it is one of the more convenient, and certainly the fastest way to transit through Slovenia to Croatia. Read our guide to find out how much you will pay for vignettes in Slovenia in 2023, what are the possibilities, which sections are paid and which are not.

Are vignettes in Slovenia mandatory?

Vignettes in Slovenia are obligatory for people who want to use toll roads in this mountainous country. Toll sections currently cover 650 kilometers of motorways and expressways, and we have to admit that they allow us to get through Slovenia quickly. Below you can find a map with marked toll sections, which is valid for 2023.

Vignettes in Slovenia – what, where and how?

The vignette can be purchased at almost every petrol station, kiosks, border shops and even at popular Spar supermarkets. They are also available at petrol stations up to 30-40 kilometers away from the Slovenian border. Now you can also buy vignettes for Slovenia online, on the official website – We also do not recommend buying vignettes earlier through resellers because they overcharge the price. Below you will find a breakdown of the vignettes by vehicle type and duration. Please note that a vignette is usually marked by the seller, if he does not do it or if we bought the vignette ourselves, we are obliged to mark the day from which it is valid. Without it, our vignette will not be valid.

  • Class 1 vignette – motorcycles.
  • Class 2A vignette – cars with a maximum permissible gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons and a vehicle height at the place of the front axle of fewer than 1.3 meters.
  • Class 2B vignette – cars with a maximum permissible gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons and a vehicle height at the place of the front axle higher or equal to 1.3 meters.
  • 7 days (available to all). It is valid for 7 calendar days from the date marked on the vignette. If you buy a vignette on January 1, it is valid until January 6 until 11:59 pm.
  • Monthly (only available for cars). It is valid from a specific day of the month to the same day of the following month marked on the vignette. If you buy a vignette on January 1, it will be valid until February 1. If you buy a vignette on the last day of the month, it will be valid until the end of the next month, regardless of the number of days.
  • 6 months (only available for motorcycles). Same as the monthly one, but for 6 months.
  • Annual (available for everyone). It is valid from the date of purchase until 31 January of the following year (at the earliest from 1 December of the preceding year). If you buy an annual vignette from January to November 2018, it will be valid until January 31, 2019. If you buy the vignette already in December, it will be valid until 31 January 2020.

Vignettes in Slovenia – prices for motorcycles and cars valid for 2023

Vehicle/Vignette type7-days30-daysSix-monthlyAnnual
18 €-32 €58,70 €
2A16 €32 €-117,50 €
2B32 €64 €-235 €
Vehicle/Vignette type7-days30-daysSix-monthlyAnnual
18 €-32 €58,70 €
2A16 €32 €-117,50 €
2B32 €64,10 €-235 €

Vignettes in Slovenia – where to stick a vignette?

The punctured vignette should be affixed on the left side of the inner part of the windscreen (driver’s side). In a place where it will be visible from the outside. In the case of a motorcycle, it must be a fixed element, so e.g. rear trunks are not a good idea. As a standard, they are glued to the windscreen. Remember to keep the lower part of the vignette in case of an inspection!


Vignettes in Slovenia – what is worth knowing?

  • It is not mandatory to keep an invoice for the purchased vignette, although it is worth considering. The invoice entitles you to a second vignette if the vehicle is damaged, e.g. if we break the glass.
  • For the Karavanke tunnel (yellow on the map) you have to pay an additional fee of 7.2 €.
  • If we do not have a valid vignette and we are stopped for inspection, we have to take into consideration a fine of 300-800 €. You have to pay the fine on the spot.

A bunch of useful links at the end

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Update information correctly! Will be more useful if There have link for validity checks of the purchased yet vignette or just to check the correct registration on time of purchase!

Unfortunately, the highway company DARS in Slovenia does not have a tool to check the validity of vignettes already purchased, or to validate license plates when a vignette is purchased. Or at least we know nothing about such an online tool 🙁 If you know of such a website let us know.

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